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PP Compound

PP compounds are plastic resins produced using a blend of one or more base polyolefins with various components such as impact modifiers, fillers and reinforcements, pigments and additives. These Polypropylene Compounds offer a broad range of characteristics and are used in a wide variety of customer applications for automotive, electrical appliances, building and construction and furniture components.

Use of Product
PP CompoundPP Compound
PP CompoundPP Compound
Product Classification
General purposeHigh chemical resistance, good elasticity and toughness, good fatigue resistance, and good insulation
Mineral FilledHigh mechanical stiffness, thermal stability , good low temperature properties, dimensional stability
Fiber ReinforcedApplication for high dynamic loads, low creep behavior, excellent creep resistance, high impact strength , tensile strength up to 140 MPa
Long Fiber ReinforcedApplication for static loads, widest processing window, excellent surface aesthetics, stiffness up to 10,000 MPa, tensile strength up to 130 Mpa
POE AddedHigh toughness, high impact, dimensional stability
Halogen FreeFeaturing UL94 flammability ratings of V-0 at 1/16 in (1.5 mm),  reduced smoke generation for enclosed space applications
Low HalogenFeaturing national eco-friendly standard, reduced smoke generation for enclosed space applications

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