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ABS Compound

ABS is a highly-functional plastic known for its strong heat resistance and impact resistance. It is highly processable and can be manufactured in various colors. It is used in numerous areas including toys such as automobiles, home appliances, IT devices, etc.

Use of Product
ABS CompoundABS Compound
ABS CompoundABS Compound
Product Classification
Flame RetardantFlame retardant, high impact strength, high heat resistant, high fluidity leading to superior processability and injection moldability
Heat ResistantHeat resistance : Vicar Softening Temperature ranging from 100℃ to 120℃(5kg Load), high impact strength, high tensile strength, excellent fluidity leading to superior processability
High GlossApplication for high dynamic loads, low creep behavior, excellent creep resistance, high impact strength , tensile strength up to 140 MPa

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