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PC Compound

HCJH is producing PC compounds by mixing functional additives and fillers with PC which has superior mechanical properties, high heat deflection temperature and inherent transparency.

PC/ABS compounds are also being produced to improve the processability and chemical resistance of polycarbonate.

PC compounds and PC/ABS compounds are being applied to various fields such as electric/electronic products, OA equipments, automotive parts, LED lamp covers, etc. by specializing the rigidity, flame retardancy, flowability, impact resistance, heat resistance, etc. for matching up to the required properties of applied parts.

Use of Product
PC Compound
PC Compound
Product Classification

Product Classification

General PC/ABSHigh impact strength,  high fluidity,  high processability, toughness,  good low temperature properties,  dimensional stability
Flame Retardant PC/ABSFlame retardant,  heat resistant High fluidity,  high impact strength,  excellent extrusion and thermoforming,  halogen free
PC/ASAHigh gloss Matte surfaces,  halogen-free flame retardant,  good temperature stability,  excellent UV stability,  high impact strength,  good low temperature properties
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